Consumer Rights

consumer protection smallerThe vast majority of United States consumers are woefully unaware of the extensive rights they enjoy. Many are thus also unaware when these rights are infringed upon. Others may suspect that foul play has occurred without realizing that they possess legal recourse. In such cases, simple awareness can be the first step to achieving justice.

Your rights as a consumer are outlined in the Consumer Bill of Rights, which, after being presented by John F. Kennedy in 1962, were expanded in the United Nations Guidelines for Consumer Protection and adopted by Consumers International. Several of these basic rights are outlined below. If you believe one or more of your rights as a consumer have been infringed upon, it is in your best interest to contact the Consumer Advocacy Center.

The Right to Safety

Consumers should be able to use products without fear of injury. If there is any potential for products to cause harm, consumers must be informed via warning labels and accurate advertising.

The Right to Information

In addition to safety labels and warnings, products should provide additional information that allows consumers to make informed choices. This information must be extensive, accurate, and honest.

The Right to Be Heard

If one of the above rights are violated, consumers have the right to speak out. Their complaints must be dealt with in a prompt manner. Companies are prohibited from attempting to silence dissatisfied consumers.

The Right to Redress

In addition to being allowed to publicly complain about shoddy products or deceptive advertising, consumers with such complaints are permitted to work with available mechanisms to achieve fair compensation.

Additional Consumer Rights

Consumers enjoy several additional rights beyond those outlined above. These include the right to choose from numerous options, the right to satisfaction of basic needs, the right to a healthy environment, and the right to consumer education. These rights are all vital, and yet, egregious violations occur on a daily basis.

Consumer Advocacy Center, P.C.: Protecting for Wronged Consumers

If you remain unsure of your rights and whether they have been violated, you can benefit from a consultation with the knowledgeable lawyers of the Consumer Advocacy Center, P.C. The ideal consumer rights attorney will provide valuable feedback regarding your legal options. Should you choose to take problematic companies to court, the attorneys of the Consumer Advocacy Center can guide you through all phases of the legal process.

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