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The Consumer Advocacy Center is proud of the work it has done to help clients over the last 15 years. Read some of our compelling client reviews:

Great Attorney

I would recommend Lance Raphael and his staff 100%. I had never met Lance before my case. I had spoken to several other attorneys that would not take a chance on me and did not believe in my case. The first time we spoke Lance believed me and my case he even offered to buy me lunch if he wasn’t at his office when he said he was going to be there. CAC hired outside consultants to make sure that I was fully prepared when we had to go to court.

What really impressed me about CAC is Lance believed in me. Lance and is staff got to know me and my family. I never felt unprepared or surprised at any point during the process and this case took over a year and a half.
In conclusion I would recommend Lance Raphael and CAC anytime,anyplace,anywhere. Hey if you’re in a battle you want CAC on your side they don’t give up they are relentless exposing injustice and getting to the truth. I can only say thank you.

- (5 star review)

Attorney with integrity!!!

Lance’s firm assisted me with a case against an automobile dealer we suspected of odometer tampering and forging documentation in the early 2000’s. We won the case hands down. He and his staff is very knowledgeable and professional, and they operate with the utmost integrity.

I’ve called on Lance numerous times since then to get his advice on how to proceed in other legal matters. He has always been willing to help. And I don’t even reside in Illinois anymore.

If all attorneys conducted themselves in the manner Lance and his staff does, the legal profession would be looked upon much more favorably.

Thanks, Lance

- (5 star review)

Endorsement of Lance A. Raphael

Endorsement: Lance is an exceptional attorney who is a leader and visionary in his field of Consumer Law. He devotes a portion of his time to do the necessary fundamental research which works to protect consumers from illegal conduct perpetrated on the “little guy” by large corporations and government entitites. I strongly recommend that anyone who has been wronged as a consumer seek the advice of Lance Raphael. You will get the most up to date information available to assist your claim. Tom Lyons

- (5 star review)

Credit card fraud

Lance has assisted me on a couple of cases. In each instance, Lance and his law firm have treated my case with the utmost professionalism and integrity. They are easily accessible once they have taken on the case and provide quality and timely updates to the status of the case.
When I met with his team, I had several questions to ask before I agreed for them to take on the task. They answered all of my questions to my satisfaction, gave me an understanding of the type of case that I had and a realistic vision of how the case would be handled. They offered no gurantees or unrealistic outcomes. They just gave me an honest overview of how the case would be treated.

I would highly recommend this attorney.

- (5 star review)

Lance Raphael

I have worked with Mr. Raphael and his firm on a number of issues and they have always have been extremely professional and competent. Their advise is sound and they have always delivered results in my favor. I would not hesitate to recommend them

- (5 star review)

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