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The Consumer Advocacy Center is a respected consumer rights law firm with a long and impressive track record of success. Since launching the firm in 1999, passionate attorney Lance Raphael has focused on representing the best interests of the little guy, even when this means going up against large, established companies. His clients greatly appreciate his willingness to take on difficult opponents, but they are even more impressed by his ability to deliver favorable resolutions for cases that initially seem hopeless.

Service Area

The Consumer Advocacy Center is headquartered in Chicago, but the firm handles lawsuits on behalf of consumers residing throughout the United States. The firm’s lawyers possess an impressive understanding of the local legal landscape, as well as numerous professional connections. However, their reach extends far beyond the Chicago area, with many clients hailing from Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Texas, and elsewhere.

Practice Areas

As its name indicates, the Consumer Advocacy Center, exclusively handles cases involving consumer fraud, including defective products, warranty breaches, telephone harassment, unlawful debt collection practices, deceptive advertising practices, and more. The firm tackles both individual and class action lawsuits. No matter the details, each case is handled with the utmost in integrity and professionalism. The firm’s lawyers conduct exhaustive investigations and use the information they obtain to hold wrongful parties accountable.


Frustrated by the prevalence of consumer fraud and other deceptive practices, Lance Raphael launched the Consumer Advocacy Center, in hopes of providing consumers with the legal protections they deserve. He is well aware of the extensive legal resources large corporations possess and he and his associates go up against, but he believes that extensive research and aggressive representation can lead to favorable resolutions, even for seemingly hopeless cases.

Consumer Advocacy Center, P.C.: A Private Law Firm Protecting Consumers’ Rights

If you believe that you have been the victim of fraud or deception, it is in your best interest to reach out to the Consumer Advocacy Center. The law firm’s acclaimed legal representatives can help you secure the relief or recovery you deserve. The firm has an exceptional reputation in Chicago and throughout the United States, with clients continually commending Lance Raphael and his fellow attorneys for their integrity and zealous representation.

Reach out at your earliest convenience to learn how the Consumer Advocacy Center can help you achieve justice.

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